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A fine arts gallery painter has claimed the subjects of his paintings are his murder victims, that all the clues necessary to solve his crimes are hidden in his work - and he has challenged the world to catch him. Overnight he has caused a worldwide sensation that vastly polarizes the populace between his devoted supporters and his vehement critics, all filtered through the skewed lens of media info-tainment, and one that those who walk the shadowy halls of power cannot long ignore. But the Serial Artist is hiding dangerous secrets, many he can barely admit even to himself. The Serial Artist graphic novel is a dark mirror held up to the face of American culture, and when you gaze into the Abyss, the Serial Artist also gazes into you.
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The world of the Reliquum is a wondrous and terrible place. Throughout the distant lands of the Known World, the ten Reliquum gods walk the earth with man, but on the continent of Shathlatamia, it is man who determines his own fate. Since time immemorial, its peoples have been ravaged by war, while its histories are filled with tales of great men who have fought for their faith, their lords, and for their own glory… and perhaps the most notorious example of just such a land is the blood-soaked Kingdom of Raik Thair’Galha. But Shathlatamia’s history also tells of a single bloodline that since ancient times has fought for a decidedly different purpose. Beholden to no god, no king, with a legacy passing from father to son, this lone warrior wields the infamous enchanted sword Ebonthorne that is his birthright, and accompanied by a small army of would-be martyrs seeking an otherwise impossible redemption in his service, he wanders the world in search of those in need of his aid. He is the Knight Errant, the Wandering Champion, and to some the Patron Saint of the Good Fight – he lives a life of ultimate self-sacrifice, forever championing the Common Good. His line has fought for king and peasant alike in the never-ending battle against the enemies of the weak and defenseless, and those who strive against noble causes and honorable nations. He is the Black Knight. Written by Robert Randle (Serial Artist, Heavy Metal) and drawn by Aaron Campbell (Hellblazer, Infidel) the co-creators of the Adventure Hook Podcast (
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