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Bring your little one on an exciting trip to Dragon Farm that they'll want to take over and over. Count and identify a number of different animals while enjoying a charming game of hide-and-seek with DRAGONS!!!
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A fine arts gallery painter has claimed the subjects of his paintings are his murder victims, that all the clues necessary to solve his crimes are hidden in his work - and he has challenged the world to catch him. Overnight he has caused a worldwide sensation that vastly polarizes the populace between his devoted supporters and his vehement critics, all filtered through the skewed lens of media info-tainment, and one that those who walk the shadowy halls of power cannot long ignore. But the Serial Artist is hiding dangerous secrets, many he can barely admit even to himself. The Serial Artist graphic novel is a dark mirror held up to the face of American culture, and when you gaze into the Abyss, the Serial Artist also gazes into you.
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