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September 11th 2001 was an ominous day in U.S history. However, it became the turning point in the fight against global terror. Born out of tragedy, five extraordinary individuals who all suffered personal losses due to the 9/11 attacks join together to fight those that oppose freedom and are known as Unit 5!
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Unit 5 focuses on 5 extraordinary individuals who either lost a family member or were injured in the 9/11 attacks. They are the world's premiere anti-terror fighting team and come equipped with an arsenal of gadgets, weapons and customized vehicles. Their mission is to prevent another tragedy from happening and protecting our world from those who wish it harm. Enter Slick - Drift and his life as a race car driver. Drift meets his nemesis Slick for the first time and uncovers an illegal arms deal going on right under his nose! Can his teammates and Unit 5 stop this illegal transaction? How will he deal with his 9/11 past coming back to haunt him?
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