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Indie manga from the Tokyo Underground, four underground stories are presented in the second issue of GEN. Wolf is the emotional story of a young man that heads to the city to avenge his childhood abandonment. VS Aliens is the story of an average student duped (or not?) into going on a wild alien chase. A mysterious masked stranger in KAMEN holds secrets to hidden powers to protect innocents from massacre. And a young woman explores her psyche in the metaphysical journey of Souls.
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GEN 16, Indie Manga from the Tokyo Underground, features Anomal. Weird tales of horror and the bizarre are part of a peculiar vision of the world in this collection of short stories. GEN 16 also features,the story of a killer, a man known only as Psycho. And Android Angels, tales from a land beyond, where androids not only protect humans, but also live and get intimate with them.
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