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A Digital First title! Hairbutt the Hippo stars an anthropomorphic hippopotamus named Hairbutt, who works as a private detective. This issue tells a two-fisted tale of crime noir fiction entitled "THE BIG BOTOX BLUNDER". PLUS, a second tale called "A FISTFUL OF ANGER At the Thousand Winters gate. Brought to you by the decidedly-twisted good folks at Rat Race Comix Bodine Amerikah and Jason Paulos. Here comes the thundering saga of a Down Under private dick who does not go gently into that good night. You know him, you love him! Yes, it's HAIRBUTT THE HIPPO, he of the nasty temperament and even nastier personal grooming habits. Like one of the covers boasts, "Uncut! Uncensored! Unashamed! Unhygenic!"
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A Digital First comic. INSIDIOUS TALES delivers more dark tales of horror and suspense from the twisted mind of Frank Forte. This anthology features five horror tales; “Intro Gortem" by Joe Monks gives us a taste of the terrors this series will bring. “Asphinxiation” gives us a tale of Lovecraftian horrors and madness. "Bltizkrieg" takes us on a journey of a drug dealing pimp who's addiction takes him to the depths of depravity. "Mutilation" is the twisted tale of a zombie who wants revenge on humankind. Also-"Vampire Poem #601" by Hart D. Fisher. PLUS-a horror pin up gallery by INSIDIOUS TALES creator Frank Forte.
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