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Broken is the story of Quinn Baker, orphaned by violence at a young age. After his parents are murdered in a seedy back alley, Quinn is taken in by a career criminal and mob enforcer named Big Mike, who teaches him the survival skills necessary to live in the criminal underworld. As he gets older, growing up in the shadow of Big Mike and his criminal lifestyle, Quinn begins to put together a plan of his own. What Big Mike doesn’t know can most definitely hurt him.
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When the skull of horror icon H.P. Lovecraft is stolen from his grave, a group of junkie misfits set out on a quest to retrieve it. Standing in their way are their enormous drug habits, belligerent punk rockers, Brazilian vampires, and the unspeakable horrors of Lovecraft's fiction seeping into reality... “Golgotha is Scooby Doo on liquid acid. The characters are fresh & funky & worthy of their own hysterically sick TV series. Sex, drugs & the Call of Cthulhu, baby!” - Dan Fogler, award winning actor & creator of Moon Lake
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