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So, Dean Marklin has discovered there are vampires in suburbia, and he’s found out that he’s a natural at fighting them. But is he ready for an all-out assault by some seriously crazy denizens of the night? The answer comes spinning out in this sequel to the short story from Vampires: Dracula And The Undead Legions, set in the oddly vampire-rich environment of Western Pennsylvania.
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Wyatt Earp, Geronimo, Belle Starr, Annie Oakley, and The Cisco Kid! This wide-vision graphic novel teams up these five legendary characters for the first time anywhere! Wyatt Earp - a deliberate man whose word is his bond, finds himself paying back an old debt, but his sense of duty might just cost him his life! Geronimo - this proud warrior wants to right a terrible wrong, at any price! Belle Starr - a rough-and-tumble outlaw, hell-bent on finding her lost fiance! Annie Oakley - the men she's after are about to learn a bloody lesson from one of history's deadliest shots! And the Cisco Kid - he's riding with Wyatt Earp's band of immortals to exact a final, terrible revenge! Featuring an introduciton by Wyatt Earp himself, the actor who portrayed Billy Claibourne in the classic film Tombstone, and a namesake of the legendary lawman!
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