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  • Ex Parte #1
  • Publisher: Lone Star Press
  • Written by:
  • Art By:
  • Digital Release Date:
    September 28th, 2010
  • Language: English
  • Rated Teen/Young Adults (ages 13+)
In Out of Your Element, Porter represents a deep sea ruler who has just launched an attack on a skyscraper in New York City. Now he is charged with hundred of counts of murder and wants to be freed, declaring the attack an act of war against the surface world. Cover by Mike Wieringo, Bill Williams and Martin Thomas. Extraordinary clients require extraordinary attorneys! Colorful adventurers and madmen fill the night sky with a kind of beautiful violence. But when the dawn breaks, the winners get sorted from the losers. And the losers go into the system. The Ex Parte series digs into the case files of Janine Porter, an attorney who represents 'extra human' individuals on both sides of the law. With an expert staff and a quick mind, she works to get the best possible outcome for her clients.
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Bill Willingham tells a pair of stories detailing the lives of strange heroes living in very odd worlds. In Otherland, Mary Arevalo washes up on a desolate shore and to find a beautiful and savage land. The timely arrival of Richard Trent, also known as Tanakura, saves Mary's life. Together, they travel across the strange world in search of a distant settlement of humans. Mary Arevalo washes ashore in a hostile land to find the man she loved is dead. And a creature named 'murder sticks' wants her for breakfast. In Spellbinder, a former Combat Sorcerer named Cornelius gets assigned to young Tommy Bowen as his instructor. Tommy's Sorcerer training has him dressing as a superhero to disguise his magical nature from the eyes of a prying public. Tommy's first mission is to find and eliminate a nest of Grendels. Cornelius the cat wanders into Tommy Bowen's life to give him the good news that he's Earth's newest Combat Sorcerer trainee. On the down side, he has to wear a colorful costume.
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