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Here's a free sneak peek artist's Mike Vosburg's work available from AV Publishing. Depression Era gangsters, haunted mansions, disgruntled monsters and a bevy of the most beautiful women in comics. How can you beat an offer like this?
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At nineteen with her innocent beauty and body to die for, Lori Lovecraft had no shortage of offers on her quest for the Hollywood dream. But at twenty five, without talent or clout she's an aging has-been and the dream is turning into a nightmare. That’s when Lori discovers that one of the props on the low-budget horror film she wound up on is really the forbidden occult book The Necronomicon. Her acting career or her life hasn’t been the same since. Thrills! Chills! Laughs! Don’t miss this first compilation of Lori Lovecraft stories from artist Mike Vosburg and writer Pete Ventrella.
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