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“Forgive Me Father” is a crime novella that tells the story of three different characters bound by a singular fate. What happens when the shepherd loses his flock? When Father Pedro’s faith in his God and church is lost after the violent death of a young friend, he finds himself alone with a despair and anger that can barely be contained. He dreams of finding solace in the arms of a runaway girl. Is she his angel of redemption or a fantasy he’s made-up? Will helping her break the chains of her past be a path to true salvation‚ or damnation?”
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“Ravenous” The line between man and nature has been crossed too many times, and now man is in a war it didn’t know it existed. Where mere mortals are considered as simple cattle to quench the hunger of beings that were thought to have lived only in myths and lore. Standing on the line between, are some of the few who know the truth and decide to protect humanity, maintain nature and bring order in a war decided with teeth and claws.
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