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Gruff Alcides, better known throughout Greece as the heroic Herakles, has a real uphill climb ahead of him... a number of seemingly impossible tasks that he must complete to prove that he is the true bastard son of Zeus and gain entry to Mount Olympus.  Half-man, half-god, he's unfortunately all too human... Author Edouard Cour revisits one of the greatest Greek myths by painting the often-heroic Herakles as, well . . . somewhat of a jerk. Crude and stubborn at times, in little glimpses we meet a man—half-human, after all—with a psychology more complex than he appears, entangled in guilt over the ghosts who have haunted him since childhood. A mournful sadness seizes him as he crosses the fleeting silhouettes of a woman and her three children.  "Friends or foe, all those who cross his path end up stiff and worm food," ​​comments Linos, the ghost of his childhood music teacher. Brimming with pathos and dark humor, this portrait of Herakles is a graphic whirlwind leaving little respite and often revealing beautiful surprises.  This first volume introduces us to the titular hero as he tackles a number of his earlier tasks, revealing the seeds of uncertainty and the drive for respect that will ultimately define him.
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