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A bizarre incident at an archaeological dig whisks Professor Gina Diggers and her steady, Professor Ebenezer Sleake, to a distant world transformed, where things are not what they seem. They find themselves humans in disguise, their minds implanted into the bodies of two silicon-based beings who are in love, but are also the leaders of opposing factions locked in a deadly war! Can Gina and Nez find a way to consummate their star-crossed love before that b#$%@ Screamstar screws everything up?
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Another polar-power blast of stupendous stories and art! In "Victoria Black", by Bradley Golden and Dan Garcia, top assassin Victoria stays alert for threats against her and her family, but betrayal may lurk closer than she'd believe. In Mary Bellamy's "Cosmic Cupcake Chaos", Sioux learns in her showdown with the Jelly Bean Knights that almost everything she believed about who's good and bad might be wrong! And Anthony Zicari and Claudio Sepulveda take you to "Dream Town", where all your dreams come true...even the bad ones.
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News of William's arrival reaches unfriendly ears while his new friends try to conceal his identity. When the villagers discover one of their own has been killed, it becomes clear his presence means trouble.
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