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Enter the mad, mad world of DELIRIUM #4! In this blowout edition we tip our bloody hat to the legacy of the late Mike Vraney and his incredible SOMETHING WEIRD VIDEO imprint, the single most important distributor of cult exploitation cinema in history. Iconic filmmaker Frank Hennenlotter (BASKET CASE) chimes in with his memories of building the collections with Vraney and the godfather of gore (and SOMETHING WEIRD legend) HG Lewis (BLOOD FEAST) drops by to discuss his wild new shocker BLOODMANIA! We also have exclusive features with Nivek Ogre (SKINNY PUPPY), Axelle Carolyn (SOULMATE) Mick Garris (MASTERS OF HORROR) and Jimmyo Burril (CHAINSAW SALLY) plus wild new interviews with Fred Olen Ray (SIDESHOW) and Tim Thomserson (TRANCERS) plus a wicked German TRANCERS poster shoved in the center. This is DELIRIUM's most delirious issue yet! DIG IN!
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The shocking conclusion to what critics have called a “flat out impressive” series that “rewrites apocalyptic standards.” The secrets of the Divide have been revealed, but at great personal cost.
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WHY WE LOVE IT: If you could take a pill and travel back to any time in your life, where would you go? Newcomer Shaun Manning hooked us with his fresh scifi thriller, illuminating the dangers of living in the past. WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT: If Richard Linklater directed a season of BREAKING BAD written by J. J. Abrams, it'd probably be pretty close to what Manning and Wieszczyk have built-a trippedout psychological thriller full of scrappy antiheroes and some of the most villainous scum of all space and time. WHAT IT'S ABOUT: When a man from the future recruits average Best Buy worker Andrew Smith to help him create a drug that will allow him to travel through time, Andrew thinks he's found the way to erase all his problems. However, the power of nostalgia proves to be the strongest of drugs, creating an epidemic of addiction with Andrew as its unwitting kingpin.
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"It's the freaks who always change the world." Naoko is a journalist... but these days, isn't everyone? Her friend Dirk has always been experimental, but this time, he may have gone too far. He'll do anything to prove his devotion to the woman of his dreams, even if it means submitting to the ultimate life-hack - to begin a new existence with the radical and highly illegal surgery they call JUNCTION TRUE.
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Abandoned as a baby in a waste dump city, Shin finds and sells trash to survive. When anything bad happens, he turns to his friend Kai for solace and comfort. But when Shin's granny dies, the two decide to leave town to seek something more. Elsewhere, Jay and his partner, Shiro, are searching for a missing member of their organization. What will fate bring to these four who quest for dreams that lie beyond the shooting stars? Translated by Steven LeCroy; Edited by Lynx Rufus; Lettered by Kaikoloren
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