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This is the tale of Rann Darklight (a.k.a. The Star Commander) and his rag-tag group of freedom fighters to wage a campaign to free the galaxy from the clutches of the evil cosmic despot Regent and The Regime. In the deepest reaches of the Andromeda Galaxy, Rann Darklight struggles to come to grips with the events that took place in Pandemonium: Evil Incarnate & Advent Comics Spotlight #1. The secret orgin of Rann Darklight is revealed and we will learn just what a hero is willing to sacrifice in order to accomplish his goals. The mysterious Universals appear!! Also, for the first time we see the formation of Darklight's Crew.
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Responding to a fire at ATL (Advanced Technologies Laboratory), Marcus is inside performing a rescue of laboratory personnel when an experimental device that taps into stellar energies & harnesses the power of the stars explodes. The energies engulf him and he is in a coma as his body metabolizes the energies that grant him the powers of Titan. Titan, who has just come to terms with the burdens of true heroism, is struggling to do his best to change this harsh, new world. But in order to do that he must first get past Think Tank and The Brain Trust!! Plus in the backup tale, Titan takes on the super man known as Legend!! Writer Tony Kittrell and dynamic new artist Austin Brooks chronicle the Man of Might's story.
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