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A Monster, a little girl in trouble and teddy bear who shows its not the size of the hero in the fight but the size of the fight in the hero. The monster from under the bed has snatched little Tina and its up to her stuffed Teddy bear to save her. Teddy’s quest takes him to the strange land under the bed (a dark and mysterious place) a realm far from the ordinary world. Teddy the Bear must use all his courage and toughness to reach the dark abode of the monster and over come the sinister brute. Teddy may find out that to save Tina he may need to make the ultimate sacrifice. This is a tale of friendship,loyalty and sacrifice that illustrates why our childhood toys are so dear to us. Often toys are battle scarred and worn out by the rigors of childhood. Usually there is a story or two that goes along with those scares and those are “The Stuffed Animal Sagas”. This series will focus on several self-contained childhood tales of Tina(a 8 year old) and her teddy bear during that magical time when anything can and usually does happen. Not only showcasing the imaginative adventures of youth but also how important a good friend can be growing up. Teddy and Tina’s friendship, love and loyalty for each other will be illustrated during the course of this series as well as the magic of the childhood memories they make together. Created for the children of all ages Teddy and Tina’s adventures is aimed at conjuring up our past memories of childhood friends as well as making a few new ones.
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