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THE DARWIN FAERIES is a lighthearted journey through disaster, theories, exploration, school, life, death and beyond in an adventure unlike any other, with a tale of how Darwin came to his concepts of survival of the fittest, not through hard study and research, but by a chance encounter with a group of Scottish Pirate Faeries and the ongoing obsession of Violet of the Fay to seek his death. Written, created and published in New Zealand, THE DARWIN FAERIES is a lighthearted journey into the nature of evolution. "A smart and funny story coupled with terrific artwork that's a little Jack Cole, a little Amanda Connor and a joy to behold. Why aren't there more comics like this?" - Mark Waid, writer, Daredevil, Kingdom Come and publisher "The Darwin Faeries is a clever, unique, and entertaining work with beautiful clear crisp storytelling and artwork. It deserves the attention of anyone who digs such eclectic and electric comics." - Michael Allred, Madman, Red Rocket 7, The Atomics, FF "Too often, clever concepts don't end up being clever in execution. But The Darwin Faeries is that rare tale that brings together an 'I wish I thought of that' idea with deft writing and expressive artwork. It's the next evolution in comics." - Ron Marz, writer, Witchblade, Green Lantern, Shinku “Darwin Faeries is a spectacular idea executed with love and care. By turns funny, scary, and shocking, this is a book worth reading, pondering, and then reading again.” - Gail Simone, author of Batgirl, leaving Megalopolis, Wonder Woman 112 pgs, FC
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