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Zedura Magazine, the best the comic book industry has to offer from newcomers to industry legends, musicians from founders to indie superstars, movies from cult classics to blockbusters, and much much more. This issue: Mike Carey, author of Unwritten and X:Men Legacy; Chris Claremont from X-Men Forever; Ethan Van Sciver; artist of Flash: Rebirth; Jim Shooter, Valiant founder and Dark Horse savior. And that's just the comic creator features! All this plus Henry Rollins, Vampire Weekend, Iron Man 2, Summer Blockbusters, and the best in indie, trades, and unknowns... 68 pages... you'll swear it's 100.
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Zedura Magazine, offering the best the comic, movie, music, and video game industries have to offer is back with another issue! Check out what's inside... BAM! POW! It's Stan Lee! Read an exclusive interview with the elusive genius behind all of the books you love from Marvel and so much more. Also, powerhouse interviews with Gail Simone (Birds of Prey), and Paul Jenkins (Sentry, Wolverine Origin, ClockStop). Don't forget interviews with Paul Tobin (Marvel Adventures, Predators Movie Adaptation), Joshua Dysart (Unknown Soldier) and Cliff Chiang (Human Target) on their new book Greendale, Chris Roberson and Michael Allred (Madman) on the brilliant iZombie, Brian Michael Bendis and Jeff Parker on the Heroic Age, Marat Mychaels on returning to Brigade, award winner Matt Kindt on his new book Revolver; and Steve Lieber on Image's Underground. Seem like enough? Other features include publisher and creator spotlights, music, movies, tv, and video games. Don't miss our exclusive interview with the talented Thomas Jane (Hung, Raw Entertainment, Punisher) and a talk with the WWE's Bella Twins on their journey from the ring to the console.
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