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Atlas takes a superpowered tour of our solar system.
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Around the globe and throughout history people have relied on legendary heroes for help. Julio can't sleep because he thinks he'll have bad dreams. So his papa tells him a comforting secret: Anyone can summon mythic avengers to conquer their fears.Now those monsters under the bed and in the closet don't stand a chance! Julio learns that his imagination is mighty and can turn all his dreams into good ones. This story has universal appeal with its vibrant comic book art and bilingual Spanish translation. We share common experiences, no matter where we're from. And we all have unlimited power when we let our imaginations fly. The cover illustration was awarded a "Daily Deviation" at deviantART! Rel
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Tells the adventures of David and Ben who use a time machine to go back a few days, in order to retake a test that they failed.
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