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This is where is all begins... Three stories. Three breathtaking sneak peeks at an all-new, creator-owned comic book universe... BIG HITTERS #1 Preview Story/Script: Jon Goff (SPAWN, Halo Evolutions) Story/Art: Travis Sengaus (The Adventures of SPAWN) Set in the 31st century, BIG HITTERS, is a Bladerunner-meets-Star Wars mixture of science-fiction, action, adventure, comedy and violence, that tells the story of two up-and-coming "Hitters" [or hitmen] as they struggle to make their way in an ever-expanding universe, while doing their damnedest to maintain some level of moral integrity (despite their occupation of choice). BLINDSIDE #1 Preview Story/Script: Jon Goff Story/Art: Marat Mychaels (Grifter, Deadpool Corps) This is BLOCKBUSTER SUPERHERO/ESPIONAGE come to kick your teeth in and steal your girlfriend. This is big budget entertainment as filtered through the limitless possibilities of the greatest storytelling medium known to man - the comic book. This is revenge. This is violence. This is BLINDSIDE... You have been warned. JACK RABBIT #1 Preview Story/Script: Jon Goff Story/Art: Jim Hanna (Spotlight, Philly) A POP-NOIR Thriller as viewed through the eerie fog of the occult and world-weary eyes of one Jackson "Jack Rabbit" Quaid, an ex-boxer-turned-private investigator. In 1930's Los Angeles demons and dead men mingle with the dames and deadbeats, and somewhere our hero. CONTRABAND COMICS Fall 2012
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