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The star of our Run By The Gun story is the spirit of rock and roll… The drug use; the hot, crazy, complex, white girls with low self-esteem; the white boy eschewing commonsense, responsibility and the healthy life of loved ones for the Las Vegas odds of actually attaining and living the improbable dream; the unlikely, unpredictability of the Black loner being swept up by the music, the music, the music; all set in the NYC bars and the general zeitgeist-pop culture influence-cult of personality LES nightlife. The story is the rebellion, the confusion, the hope, the falls, the questioning, the gambling, the sex, and the music, the music, the music… Run By The Gun Issue 1: The Misanthrope, Peter Palermo tries to convince Jonah Gunn to join him in a new band. Their past relationship gives Jonah pause, until an unexpected event forces his hand.
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