• Witch Hunter #14

  • Publisher: Monarch Comics
  • Written By: Vincent Ferrante
  • Art By: Frank Brunner, Mykelangelo, Scott
  • Language: English
  • Digital Release Date: January 15th, 2014
  • Rated Mature (ages 16+)
Price: $1.99


“Witch Hunter in The Tomb of The Scarlet Mummy” – Witch Hunter’s aide, Kitty, dreams of a visit from an Egyptian princess and wakes to see the princess’ animated corpse in bed with her. Screaming, she wakes from the dream within a dream to find a necklace of a scarlet crescent moon in bed next to her where the princess had been. Rushing to Witch Hunter, she learns that he had just read about a potential ally for them who waits to be unearthed in Egypt. Their journey leads them to a hidden tomb and an immortal sorcerer that is prophesied to wake when the world needs him most. His name is Aten, The Scarlet Mummy, and he is destined to rekindle the fire of humanity’s imagination or let his flames consume an ungrateful world!

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