• Ex Parte #2

  • Publisher: Lone Star Press
  • Language: English
  • Digital Release Date: October 5th, 2010
  • Rated Teen/Young Adults (ages 13+)
Price: $0.99


In Big Man on Campus, Porter talks to a college professor named Alan Adams about his career as a costumed hero. He goes into detail about his past as reality around the two shifts and warps with the college students growing animal heads, making the attorney wonder just what is going on. The client Alan Adams also stars in the novel, The Killer Outfit and the events of this issue occur before that story. Cover by Koi Turnbull, Bill Williams and Martin Thomas. Extraordinary clients require extraordinary attorneys! Colorful adventurers and madmen fill the night sky with a kind of beautiful violence. But when the dawn breaks, the winners get sorted from the losers. And the losers go into the system. The Ex Parte series digs into the case files of Janine Porter, an attorney who represents 'extra human' individuals on both sides of the law. With an expert staff and a quick mind, she works to get the best possible outcome for her clients.

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