• Rolled & Told #1

  • Publisher: Lion Forge Comics
  • Written By: Eric Thomas, Justin Peniston, Tristan J. Tarwater
  • Art By: Ben Sears, Jade F. Lee, Jemma Salume, Max Bare, Meaghan Carter, Nicole Goux
  • Language: English
  • Digital Release Date: September 26th, 2018
  • Rated Teen/Young Adults (ages 13+)
Price: $7.99


Take to the skies with Rolled & Told!  Authors E.L. Thomas and Tristan J. Tarwater have crafted swashbuckling and electrifying adventures for role-playing groups. When a gaggle of goblins commandeer a gnomish airship, it's up to players to work with those gnomes to board the ship and take back what's theirs! Rolled & Told brings a ready-to-play, fun adventure for one of gaming's favorite tabletop role-playing games. Packed with beautiful illustrations, comics coinciding with each full adventure, and instructive articles, Rolled & Told enhances gameplay for new and old game masters alike.

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