• Gorezone #34

  • Publisher: Fangoria
  • Written By: Various
  • Art By: Various
  • Language: English
  • Digital Release Date: March 25th, 2015
  • Rated Adult (ages 18+)
Price: $5.99


Front in center in GOREZONE #34 is Ryan Nicholson, the Canadian special makeup artist turned filmmaker who has served up such unapologetic carnage-fests as LIVE FEED, GUTTERBALLS, HANGER and COLLAR and is now preparing GUTTERBALLS 2: BALLS DEEP. We’ll have words with the man and plenty of pics from his shocking oeuvre, along with: a look back at Pier Paolo Pasolini’s notorious and seminal SALO, OR THE 120 DAYS OF SODOM; a chat with Italian-horror star Al Cliver on Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE and others; the story of Rémy Couture, the FX creator who went on trial for his art; a retrospective on the superior sequel HELLO MARY LOU: PROM NIGHT II with director Bruce Pittman and star Michael Ironside; an album-by-album survey of pioneering heavy metal band Black Sabbath; new columns by Tom Savini and Tim Lucas; and more.

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