• Amazing Storytellers

  • Publisher: TidalWave Productions
  • Written By: Anthony Laplume, Brian McCathy, JS Earls, Michael Lent, Tom M. Smith
  • Art By: JM Cuellar, Kent Hurlburt, Luis Chichon, Marco Gerratana
  • Language: English
  • Digital Release Date: May 28th, 2014
  • Rated Teen/Young Adults (ages 13+)
Price: $9.99


Their imaginations have been the genesis of our nightmares, the elevation to the fantastic realms of our dreams and a reflection of our true selves. They are four of the most respected genre authors in the last 50 years. It’s not that these authors are simply best sellers, but have, in their own ways, transformed our culture and transcended the written word into new media. This collection of biographies of J.R.R Tolkien, George RR Martin, Neil Gaiman & Stephen King provide a unique look at their achievements and the inspirations for some of their most heralded work.

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