• Fathom Vol 1 #9

  • Publisher: Aspen Comics
  • Written By: Bill O'Neil
  • Art By: Dennis Heisler, Joe Weems V, Jonathan D. Smith, Jonathan Sibal, Michael Turner
  • Language: English
  • Digital Release Date: July 6th, 2011
  • Rated Adult (ages 18+)
Price: $0.99


A definite must own for any fan of Aspen/Fathom or any desiring to discover Fathom for the first time. Killians rebellion and persistence to challenge Admiral Mayweather and his armada is proving to be a war that will not easily be stopped. Now with Aspen's choice to be quite clear Aspen Matthews returns to Killian not to join him but to face him. Although her powers are becomicg stronger as the days go by to face Killian may be suicide for her. This issue is the epic conclusion to the story arc started nine issues ago which has consumed almost an entire volume. Blue Sun Part 9 is a must own which features lots of drama and action with a satisfying conclusion to one of the most beloved volumes of all time.

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