• Archie: Will You Marry Me? #3

  • Publisher: Archie Comics
  • Written By: Michael Uslan
  • Art By: Stan Goldberg
  • Language: English
  • Digital Release Date: December 8th, 2009
  • Rated Middle Grades (ages 9+)
Price: $1.99


Full Color | 73 Screens | Issue 3 of 6 "It's Twins!": Okay everyone - pick yourselves up off the floor! We know many of you are still lying there from the events of the previous two issues, which hurtled readers into Archie's future. Well, now that you've witnessed the engagement and wedding of Archie and Veronica, prepare for the most major event yet: Archie and Veronica are having a baby! Strike that, they're having babies... TWINS! And now... you can fall to the floor again! Of course, you haven't had a taste of parenthood until you've seen it done Archie-style! Who will the happy couple pick to be godparents? Can Archie get through Lamaze class without causing a commotion? Never mind that - can he make it through the actual birth without full-scale panic? Mixed in with the patented Archie humor is the poignancy of parents sharing the milestones of childhood, like baby's first words and first steps. And wait until you see how the proud new grandparents react!

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