• Archie #20

  • Publisher: Archie Comics
  • Written By: Al Fagaly, Bill Vigoda
  • Art By: Al Fagaly, Al McLean, Bill Vigoda, Pen Shumaker
  • Language: English
  • Digital Release Date: September 12th, 2012
  • Rated Middle Grades (ages 9+)
Price: $4.99


This classic comic features OVER 50 PAGES of content, some of which has never been reprinted! “All Washed Up.” Done with washing dishes the old-fashioned way, Archie goes to work on the next great invention. An automatic dish cleaner sounds great on paper, but nothing is ever simple when it comes to these Riverdale teens! Mr. Jones and Mr. Andrews are about to realize how pleasant life was before this infernal contraption! How successful will Archie’s grand creation become? And why is Betty on the run from Weatherbee? DISCLAIMER: The stories, characters, and incidents in this publication are entirely fictional. This publication contains material that was originally created in a less racially and socially sensitive time in our society and reflects attitudes that may be represented as offensive today. The stories are represented here without alteration for historical reference.

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