• Artesia Vol #1

  • Publisher: Archaia Entertainment
  • Written By: Mark Smylie
  • Art By: Mark Smylie
  • Language: English
  • Digital Release Date: June 26th, 2013
  • Rated Adult (ages 18+)
Price: $0.00


An epic fantasy of set in the Highlands of Daradja, which are dotted with ancient citadels and castles, held by petty kings and clans who war against each other and the brigand bands that plague the bleak and mountainous region. Artesia, once a concubine to King Branimir of the Citadel of Dara Dess, has in time risen to become one of his chief war captains; a priestess to dread goddesses; and a magician like her mother once was, controlling warlike spirits. This saga details Artesia’s exploits as she struggles to maintain control of the throne while dealing with enemies from outside her kingdom’s borders—and within.

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