• Zombie Terrors #3

  • Publisher: Asylum Press
  • 15+


The anthology of the Undead continues with Three new tales of zombie carnage. In "Creature Comforts" by Craig Wilson, a cat lady's feline friends develop a taste for the flesh. David Zuzelo and Billy George bring us The Undead Templars a tale called "Ascension of the Blind Dead". In "Arena" ,by Frank Forte and J.C. Wong, we travel to an apocalyptic future where cyborg zombies are forced to compete in a game of death. Plus pin-ups by Doug Wllliams Ben Olson and Jason Paulos.Asylum Press brings you a giant flesh rotting collection of all-new zombie tales. Featuring an international cast of artistic talent. Frank Forte writes and illustrates "Beheaded" where a lone survivor of a zombie outbreak stalks the bayou for "cerebral souvenirs", but his obsession gets the best of him. In Feast , by Royal McGraw and Adauto Silva, a gangster's taste for an undead delicacy becomes his end. In Hate, by Doug Williams, a zombie must confront what he's become. Pin-ups by David Hartman, and Doug Williams. Cover by Aly Fell.

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