Gestalt Comics

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Changing Ways Vol #1
How do you trust someone when you no longer know yourself? David Barrot, a retired Corrections Officer, moved to Grey Oaks after the tragic death of his son, Cale. With wife Lucy and daughter Jessie, the Barrot family bought a farm on the outskirts of town and began their new lif...
Changing Ways Vol #2
Ten years after the tragic events that shook the small town of Grey Oaks, the world has become a very different place. Their mother is gone, their father has abandoned them, and Jessie and her younger brother, Alex, are living as outcasts from society in an isolated corner of rur...
Digested #1
A man running through the streets alone at night, an overheard conversation on a train, a surprising first date, and a talk between two comicbook authors.
Digested #2
Bumper 64-page issue! The main story OXYGEN continues as we find out more about the mysterious jogger, his past, and the peculiar thing growing in his backyard.
Digested #3
Continuing the acclaimed comics series by Melbourne-based cartoonist Bobby.N, Issue #3 further unfolds the 'Oxygen' storyline and introduces us to the world of 'Minimum Hours' along with other 'shorts'. In the backmatter this issue, Paul Bedford (of The List fame) is interviewed ...
Digested #4
A series of short form sequential art by acclaimed Melbourne-based cartoonist Bobby.N.
Digested #5
A series of short form sequential art by acclaimed Melbourne-based cartoonist Bobby.N.
His Dream of the Skyland: Walled City Book #1
Imperialist controlled Hong Kong, the British ruling classes and the ambitious dynasty-influenced Chinese all create an amazing labyrinth for His Dream of the Skyland: Book One in The Walled City trilogy. The Chinese-colonial inspired illustrations create an utterly distinct expe...
Rombies #0
Rome wasn't built in a day... but it may crumble in one. Titans battle in the arena. A thumb turns down. A sword comes down. A dead man... stands up? Racing through dark, narrow tunnels beneath the Colosseum, two heroes and a child join together to escape their pursuers. Pursuers...
Rombies #1
A father's sorrow. An unbearable heartache. His desperate action, though wrought of love, unwittingly unleashes a dark force in the time of Emperor Titus. A dark force that can be... harnessed? Tying to real life historical events and crossing the paths of real life historical fi...
1 - 10 of 22 results